This Is Raw E​.​P.

by Dishpit

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We don't have any more actual copies of this tape available.


released October 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Dishpit Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sadly we played our last show on April 23rd.
Please feel free to download our music but pretty please don't pay for it. Go buy beer to enhance your listening experience instead!

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Track Name: Couch Surfing Anarcho Primitivist
My friend said he wanted to move to the country. The isolation he preferred. But how can we be wild and rowdy when there's no one to disturb? I like going to the woods alright to lay under the stars on a nice clear night but I'll take my cities thank you please. It's where I thrive even when I can't breath. I may die ten years too young of an automobile induced black lung but hey, I say that's ok when I'm having so much fun. Couch surfin' anarcho primitivist.
Track Name: Back In Chattanooga
It's 200 degrees outside, it's too hot to ride the train. We can't hitchhike cuz the people think we look insane. Please take me where I'm going but please don't take me down with you. Three desperate punks on the long, long, long road home. I won't but you dinner and I won't buy you beer but I'll gas up your take if you get me out of here. I'm nodding my head but I don't hear a thing cuz we were back in Chattanooga when I stopped listening.
Track Name: Skinhead
Hardcore patriotic New Jersey skinhead, do you even still exist? Do you still go to shows? Do you have any friends? When the last time you shaved your head? Everything was cool when we were kids. It was all about "unity" and "punks and skins". That's about as far as the politics went but there was no way we could ever stay friends. You said that the swastikas were just to offend. Well never mind that doesn't make any sense but you started talking shit on the immigrants and I swear I saw you hanging out with ACS. Now, I realize I'm now talking shit from the safety of the midwest but we can be offensive without being ignorant. I hope you die in a war. I hope you lose your job. I hope the next 9/11 happens at your front door. Oi!
Track Name: Stealing
Don't get paid enough. So let's take some stuff. Grab some food. Grab some beer. Boss ain't here.
Track Name: Dishpit Anthem
Some think the kitchen sink is for the weak. I think you're full of shit. I see no benefit. Because I know that I can make more money in the kitchen but I don't got the desire, I don't got the ambition. Don't wanna cook, don't wanna prep, don't wanna serve. I'm happy where I am. I know that I can make more money in an hour suckin dick in the alley, selling dope on the corner. But I'm happy and I'm healthy and I get two shift drinks a night.
Track Name: Super America
My mind is fucked from years of neon lights and fast food chains. It's hard to have ambition in a world where things don't ever change. I hate fast food. I hate TV. I hate music. I hate movies. I hate the culture that they made. My eyes are red, my voice is shot from raging against everything. I wish you still were just as angry, screaming, whining just like me (you used to be). I hate fast food. I hate TV. I hate music. I hate movies. I hate the culture that they made.
Track Name: Forever Punk
Still working fuckin beets. still hating the police. still just wandering around fuckin off in any town with the same old crowd. Still don't like going to bars. Still don't own a fuckin car. I'd rather be down by the tracks. Drinkin at the oil cans in the filth and all the trash. Still drinkin like before maybe drinkin even more. We're still pourin out our beers. Our friends are dying every year and now I'm running out of beer. no, I don't have no regrets. Though sometimes I'm depressed, things could be worse than this. I could buy some dumb shit, I could rack up some debt, I could just stop rebelling and vote democrat. But I'm positively full of negativity and I've got a never-ending hatred of authority. We're surviving just to spite em so we might as well keep fighting to be free. No, I don;t care to be a miserable fuck. I wanna spend my days with the weirdos and the punks just travelling around or maybe buy an old house. We can always have a place when the homies come to town because what else do we need? U never thought about the shit like job security. So up the punks, off the pigs, and I'll come visit you if you come visit me.
Track Name: Genos
Such a beautiful city and such an ugly history with xenophobic sandwich shops that celebrate the racist cops. The attitudes you represent, the narrow-minded ignorance, the hatred that is understood make this a bad neighborhood. What a nice surprise in a town that's so fucked up most of the time. For every shitty cheese steak made there's someone still now loving police. So here's to ten more dead motherfuckers like you.
Track Name: Crustlord
Culture of death passes by my eyes. It's like I'm right under their noses but still a million fucking miles away. There's no cops out here. It's just me and my beer. I'm gonna ride this train and get my head clear. This ain't no upper-crust, house punk, coke party bullshit.
Track Name: Scrabble
Meet me at the cafe at eleven. Sippin' coffee, layin tile, killin time for a living. We don't got nothing to say but we don't have to say nothing if you just pick out some letters and let the words do the talking. So many words are swimming around in my head that I don;t know what I played and I don't know what I said. I'm feeling kind of funny and my brain is really buzzing. I think those tiles in my hand are trying to tell me something. I wanna tell you something but I don't know how to say it. I got some good letters but I don;t know where to play em'. I could think about this all day and everything would be the same. Maybe it's about time that I found a new game.