Dog Problem Split 7"

by Dishpit

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We have a bunch of these so if you want an actual 7" hit us up and we can mail one to you.


released December 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Dishpit Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sadly we played our last show on April 23rd.
Please feel free to download our music but pretty please don't pay for it. Go buy beer to enhance your listening experience instead!

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Track Name: Letters to the Editor
I hear familiar voices but I can’t understand a word they say. I don’t like what I’m seeing all around me so I think I’ll run away. Take a walk with me through this ugly fucking world. I’ll be your tour guide of bullshit “up and coming” towns. Send your letters to the editor and tell them what you found before they tear the whole fucking thing town. There’s so much to do outside but everyone’s just staring at some screen and they gave up on the water now we might as well be drinking gasoline. I used to know my way around but now I just feel lost. The porches all look empty and the lights are turned off. I came here for a reason. Can’t remember what it was. Sometimes I wish I could be proud of where I’m from. Everywhere we go. Everyone we know. At the end of every road. Everywhere we go. Everywhere we go everyone we know is bummed out, depressed, and frustrated with the way that things turned out. The cities turned to playgrounds where the rich do as they please while the poor get pushed around and the whole world bleeds.
Track Name: Trashfire
Here we are again at the bitter end of another year of chaos with these people you call friends. The shit is piled high and the fire’s burning bright. You better stand close because it’s gonna be a cold night. You can smell this shit and you can see the flames from town but no one’s gonna complain. We’ll be gone in no time now. This is what you wanted but you never thought it’d get so fucking cold. You all looked so excited how did everybody get so miserable? Was it worth it? Would you do it all again? Or was it just some other thing you’d rather forget about? We’re drinking poisoned piss in these fields of nothingness. We’re running their machine to pump out this year’s crop of shit. We choose these beds of filth with a million other places we could go. Still we’re sleeping here on dirty rigs and empty beers and it’s starting to feel like home.
Track Name: Shithead
Every night when I go to sleep I toss and turn and grind my teeth. I don’t mean to sound like a creep but I see you in my dreams on the streets with our scumbag friends rockin’ brown paper bags on the bottles and cans, still singing some song that I’m never gonna hear again. Then every morning when I wake I see that old familiar face. I don’t mean to sound crazy, there’s no one sleeping next to me. It’s just the pictures hanging by the bed and all the old memories still swimming in my head. Still just as bitter as the first day that we met. We’re never gonna meet again. And every day when I walk the streets I feel the blisters on my feet. The people talk and I listen. The more I hear, the more I cringe. We’re suffocating in a pit of chemicals and plastic shit. The trains still roll with or without us. The world still turns and it still sucks. You’re not missing a thing.